Brand Guidelines & Assets by Industry

A branding guideline is a set of rules on how the brand is visually presented to the public. There are many visual aspects that make up a branding style guide,  and the logo is obviously the core aspect. Below is a collection of branding guidelines covering various industries and most of these guidelines will emphasize on the logo guidelines, namely, the colors, the sizes, the fonts, the variations of a logo, what to do and what not to do with a logo etc.

Why this collection? it is good to learn a lot about branding, design, and identity by looking at the materials that guide successful brands, and it is a good resource for quickly accessing branding assets of popular companies and brands.

CompanyIndustryItem & Link
AdobeInternet & Softwarecorporate brand guidelines - pdf
AirbnbInternet & Softwaremedia resources
AlbertaGovernmentcorporate identity manual
AndroidInternet & Softwarebrand guidelines
AppleTechnologyidentity guidelines - pdf
ArgentoFood & Beveragebrand identity and style guide - pdf
Bath Spa UniversityUniversitybrand guidelines
BehanceInternet & Softwarebrand guidelines
Best BuyRetailbrand identity
BootstrapInternet & Softwarebrand guidelines
Boston UniversityUniversitybrand identity standards
Boy Scouts of AmericaNonprofitsbrand identity guide - pdf
British CouncilGovernmentbrand website
British RailTransportcorporate identity manual
Carnegie Mellon UniversityUniversitybrand guidelines
Channel 4Mediaidentity style guides
CiscoTechnologylogo usage and guidelines
Code for AmericaNonprofitsstyle guide
Code SchoolInternet & Softwarebrand assets
CodepenInternet & Softwarebrand assets
Columbia UniversityUniversityvisual identity - pdf
Cornell UniversityUniversitybrand book
Creative MarketInternet & Softwarelogs & branding guidelines
DailymotionInternet & Softwarebrand assets
DeezerInternet & Softwareguidelines
DeviantArtInternet & Softwareguidelins & assets
DisqusInternet & Softwarebranding & logo guidelines
DribbbleInternet & Softwarelogo & brand guidelines
DropboxInternet & Softwarelogos and branding
DrupalInternet & Softwaremedia kit
Duke UniversityUniversitystyle guide
easyGroupTransportbrand manual - pdf
Edinburgh CouncilGovernmentbrand guidelines
Esso Imperial OilEnergyquick reference guide - pdf
EvernoteInternet & Softwarelogo use guidelines
FacebookInternet & Softwarebrand assets
FB TimelineInternet & Softwaredesign guide
FoursquareInternet & Softwarebrand guide
GithubInternet & Softwarelogos and usage
Good TechnologyInternet & Softwarebrand identity guide
GoogleInternet & Softwarevisual assets guidelines
Google+Internet & Softwarebranding guidelines
Haas School of BusinessUniversitystyle guide
HeinekenFood & Beveragevisual identity
IEEETechnologybrand identity guidelines
InstagramInternet & Softwarebrand assets
InVisionInternet & Softwaremedia kit
iOSInternet & Softwarehuman inerface guidelines
KewGovernmentbrand guidelines
KickstarterInternet & Softwarebrand assets
KivaNonprofitsstyle and brand guidelines - pdf
LastFMInternet & Softwaredesign resources
Liberty UniversityUniversitybrand identity policy
LinkedinInternet & Softwarebrand resources
Lloyd'sFinancebrand guidelines - pdf
MacmillanNonprofitsidentity guide
MailChimpInternet & Softwarebrand assets
MasterCardFinancebrand center
MicrosoftInternet & Softwarecorporate logo guidelines
Mississauga'sGovernmentBrand Story
MozillaInternet & Softwarestyle guide
FirefoxInternet & Softwarebranding
MyspaceInternet & Softwarebrand assets
NAMINonprofitsidentity guidelines
National University of SingaporeUniversityidentity
New York UniversityUniversityidentity and style guide
NYU-PolyUniversityidentity style guide
Ohio State UniversityUniversitybrand guidelines
Ohio UniversityUniversitybrand standards
Oregon State UniversityUniversitybrand identity guidelines
Pacific UniversityUniversitybrand standards - pdf
PearsonMediabrand guidelines - pdf
PenguinMedialogo guidelines
PinterestInternet & Softwarebrand guidelines
Princeton UniversityUniversitygraphic identity
PRSANonprofitsguidelines & logos
RedditInternet & Softwarelogo assets
RedfernGovernmentbrand identity guidelines - pdf
Saint Mary-of-the-Wood CollegeUniversitystyle guide
SapoInternet & Softwareidentity manual - pdf
SkypeInternet & Softwarebrand book
SlackInternet & Softwarebrand guidelines
SpotifyInternet & Softwarepartner brand guidelines - pdf
SquarespaceInternet & Softwarebrand guidelines
TedxNonprofitsbrand guidelines
The Scout AssociationNonprofitsbrand guidelines - pdf
The University of TexasUniversitybrand guidelines
TumblrInternet & Softwaretrademark guidelines
TwitterInternet & Softwarebrand assets
UberInternet & Softwarebrand guide
UbuntuInternet & Softwarebrand guidelines
University of ArkansasUniversitystyle guides and logos
University of CaliforniaUniversitybrand guidelines
University of CambridgeUniversityidentity guidelines
University of East AngliaUniversitybrand identity guidelines - pdf
University of LouisvilleUniversitybrand
University of Northern ColoradoUniversityidentity style guide - pdf
University of Wisconsin-MadisonUniversitybrand identity guidelines
Vanderbilt UniversityUniversitygraphic standards
VimeoInternet & Softwarebrand guidelines
Virginia TechUniversityidentity standards
WalmartRetailbrand center
WordPressInternet & Softwarelogos and graphics
Yale UniversityUniversityidentity
YandexInternet & Softwarelogo guidelines
YelpInternet & Softwarebrand guidelines
YoutubeInternet & Softwarebrand assets

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