History And Evolution of Google Logo

A look at the Google logo since its birth in 1997 and how its logo has evolved in designs, colors and fonts.

google 1997 logo logo1997This logo was used during Google's developing stage at Stanford University.
google 1998 logo logo1998This shortlived logo was used only for a month. The typeface used for the logo is Baskerville Bold.
google 1998 2 logo logo1998-1999The uppercase "G" was repaced with a blue color and the multi-colored logo design took shape. An exclamation mark was added at the end of the wordmark, possibly to mimic the Yahoo! logo.
google 1999 logo logo1999-2000So far the longest used logo of Google, featuring the font Catull BQ and a rotated letter "e".
google 2010 logo logo2010-2013Launched in 2010, this logo is just like the previous logo, except that the colors on the letters now have brighter tones and the shadows behind them have been reduced.
google 2013 logo logo2013-2015The logo was given a two-dimensional effect, with shadows removed and angles straightened to fit more in line with Google's most recent products.
google 2015 logo logo2015-PresentOn September 1, 2015, Google introduced a new logo, replacing the previous logo's serifed typeface (Catull) with a simplified sans-serifed typeface called Product Sans.

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