Slogans of Restaurants and Food Brands

A collection of slogans & taglines from restaurants and food brands.

LogoNameSlogan & TaglineWord Count
H. J. Heinz Company logoH. J. Heinz Company57 varieties.2
Blue Diamond Almonds logoBlue Diamond AlmondsA can a week, that’s all we ask.8
H. J. Heinz Company - Ketchup  logoH. J. Heinz Company - Ketchup A good meal out deserves a great ketchup. Insist on Heinz. 12
Danone - Actimel probiotic yogurt drink logoDanone - Actimel probiotic yogurt drinkA little every day goes a long, long way.9
Chicago Town logoChicago TownA million miles from humdrum.5
Unilever - Hellmann's logoUnilever - Hellmann'sA taste too good to waste.6
Reckitt Benckiser - Frank's RedHot logoReckitt Benckiser - Frank's RedHotA thrill a bite.4
Danone - Activia logoDanone - ActiviaActively good.2
A&W logoA&WAll American food.3
Burger King logoBurger KingAmerica loves burgers and we're America's Burger King.8
Bumpers Drive-In logoBumpers Drive-InAmerica's favorite foods.3
The Steak Escape logoThe Steak EscapeAmericas favorite cheesesteak.3
Kraft - Jell-O logoKraft - Jell-OAmerica’s most famous dessert.4
Kraft logoKraftAnd America spells cheese...K-R-A-F-T.4
Chicken of the Sea logoChicken of the SeaAsk any mermaid.3
Nestlé - Gerber logoNestlé - GerberBabies are our business.4
General Mills - Betty Crocker logoGeneral Mills - Betty CrockerBake someone happy.3
Nestlé - Nestle Toll logoNestlé - Nestle TollBake the very best.4
Bakers Delight logoBakers DelightBakers delight. Your local caker.5
H. J. Heinz Company logoH. J. Heinz CompanyBeanz meanz heinz.3
Arla Foods - Apetina Feta logoArla Foods - Apetina FetaBecause feta can be so much better.7
Kellogg's - Rice Krispies logoKellogg's - Rice KrispiesBecause that's the kind of Mom you are.8
American Dairy Association logoAmerican Dairy AssociationBehold the power of cheese.5
Raisio Group - Benecol yogurt drink logoRaisio Group - Benecol yogurt drinkBenecol. Keep cholesterol at bay.5
Burger King logoBurger KingBest food for fast times.5
Pepsi - Lay's potato chips logoPepsi - Lay's potato chipsBetcha can't eat just one.5
Papa John's logoPapa John'sBetter ingredients. Better pizza.4
ConAgra Foods - Hunt's logoConAgra Foods - Hunt'sBetter tomatoes make better ketchup. Pick Hunt's. 8
WindMill logoWindMillBigger! Better!2
Kraft logoKraftBite into summer.3
Nestlé - Butterfinger logoNestlé - ButterfingerBreak out of the ordinary.5
Alpen logoAlpenBreakfast at its peak.4
Unilever - Hellmann's logoUnilever - Hellmann'sBring out the Helmann’s and bring out the best.9
Unilever - Colman's logoUnilever - Colman'sC'mon Colman's, light my fire.5
H. J. Heinz Company - Kick'rs ketchup logoH. J. Heinz Company - Kick'rs ketchupCaution: ketchup has kick.4
Chili's logoChili'sChili's grill & bar family restaurant.6
Danone - Danacol logoDanone - DanacolCholesterol hates it. You'll love it.6
Smucker's - Jif logoSmucker's - JifChoosy mothers choose Jif.4
Nestle - Nescafe logoNestle - NescafeCoffee at its best.4
IHOP logoIHOPCome hungry. Leave happy.4
Hardee's logoHardee'sCome on home.3
Kellogg's - Pop-Tarts logoKellogg's - Pop-TartsCrazy good.2
Nabisco - Chips Ahoy logoNabisco - Chips AhoyCrazy with chips!3
Bahlsen logoBahlsenDeliciously continental.2
Hooters - Hooters logoHooters - HootersDelightfully tacky, yet unrefined.4
Murray Goulburn - Devondale logoMurray Goulburn - DevondaleDevondale. Tastes like real milk because it is.8
McDonald's logoMcDonald'sDid somebody say McDonald’s?4
EarthGrains logoEarthGrainsDiscover a healthier slice of life!6
Wendy's  logoWendy's Do what tastes right.4
Chipotle logoChipotleEaters start your orders.4
Applebee's logoApplebee'sEatin' good in the neighborhood。5
Unilever - Hellmann's logoUnilever - Hellmann'sEvery sandwich wants Hellmann's.4
Premier Foods - Homepride sauces logoPremier Foods - Homepride saucesEveryday family favourites.3
ConAgra Foods - Blue Bonnet logoConAgra Foods - Blue BonnetEverything's better with Blue Bonnet on it!7
Pier 49 Pizza logoPier 49 PizzaFall in love with pizza again!6
KFC logoKFCFinger Lickin' Good.3
Subway logoSubwayFive dollar foot long.4
Daily Grill logoDaily GrillFor great American food… Think daily.6
General Mills - Yoplait Yop drinking yogurt logoGeneral Mills - Yoplait Yop drinking yogurtFor when the morning comes.5
Batchelor's logoBatchelor'sFuelling Britain.2
Schlotzky’s Deli logoSchlotzky’s DeliFunny name. Serious sandwich.4
Domino's logoDomino'sGet the door. It's Domino's.5
Kellogg's - Cheez-It logoKellogg's - Cheez-ItGet your own box.4
Nestlé - Crunch Stixx logoNestlé - Crunch StixxGive your afternoon a lift.5
H. J. Heinz Company logoH. J. Heinz CompanyGood food every day.4
Nestlé logoNestléGood Food, Good Life.4
Village Inn logoVillage InnGood food… Good feelings.4
Rock Bottom Brewery logoRock Bottom BreweryGood friends. Great food. Great beer.6
Kellogg's - Corn Pops logoKellogg's - Corn PopsGotta have my pops.4
WindMill logoWindMillGourmet fast foods.3
Ham's logoHam'sHam's restaurant. A good time.5
Nestle - Kit-Kat logoNestle - Kit-KatHave a break. Have a Kit-Kat.7
Burger King logoBurger KingHave it your way.4
Blue Bell logoBlue BellHave yourself a Blue Bell country day.7
Burger King logoBurger Kinghome of the Whopper.4
Lea & Perrins - Worcestershire Sauce logoLea & Perrins - Worcestershire SauceHow did you discover it? 6
General Mills - Cocoa Puffs logoGeneral Mills - Cocoa PuffsI go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!6
Kraft - Oscar Mayer logoKraft - Oscar MayerI wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener.8
McDonald's logoMcDonald'sI'm lovin' it!3
McDonald's logoMcDonald'sI'm lovin' it.3
General Mills - Green Giant logoGeneral Mills - Green GiantIn the valley of the jolly--ho-ho-ho!--Green Giant.7
Campbell's - Chunky logoCampbell's - ChunkyIt fills you up right.5
Burger King logoBurger KingIt just tastes better.4
Kellogg's - Coca Krispies logoKellogg's - Coca KrispiesIt tastes like a chocolate milkshake, only crunchy!8
McDonald's logoMcDonald'sIt's a good time for the great taste of McDonalds.10
Irish Pride logoIrish PrideIt's a matter of pride.5
Irsh Dairy Board - Kerrygold logoIrsh Dairy Board - KerrygoldIt's all pure butter.4
Wendy's  logoWendy's It's better here.3
Kellogg's logoKellogg'sIt's morning somewhere.3
Chiquita - Bananas logoChiquita - BananasI’m Chiquita Banana and I’ve come to say – bananas have to ripen in a certain way.17
Jack in the Box logoJack in the BoxJack’s back!2
Kraft - Jell-O logoKraft - Jell-OJell-O makes me mellow and the wiggle makes me giggle.10
Harvester logoHarvesterJust how you like it.5
Unilever - Hellmann's logoUnilever - Hellmann'sKeep it real. 4
Kellogg's - Eggo logoKellogg's - EggoL'eggo my Eggo!3
Kellogg's - Eggo logoKellogg's - EggoLeggo my Eggo!3
Red Lobster logoRed LobsterLife on land is dry.5
Danone logoDanoneLove it for life.4
Taco Bell logoTaco BellMake a run for the border.6
Arla - Cravendale logoArla - CravendaleMilk matters.2
Kraft - Oscar Mayer logoKraft - Oscar MayerMy bologna has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R.8
Campbell's logoCampbell'sM’m! M’m! Good!3
Quiznos logoQuiznosM’m, m’m, m’m, m’m, m’m...toasty!5
Nestlé logoNestléN-E-S-T-L-E-S, Nestles makes the very best...chocolate.6
Outback Steakhouse logoOutback SteakhouseNo rules. Just right.4
Nestle - Butterfinger logoNestle - ButterfingerNobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger.8
KFC logoKFCNobody does chicken like KFC.5
Sara Lee logoSara LeeNobody doesn’t like Sara Lee.5
Qdoba logoQdobaNot just big burritos. Big flavors.6
McDonald's logoMcDonald'sNothing can do it like McDonald's6
General Mills - Pillsbury logoGeneral Mills - PillsburyNothin’ says lovin’ like somthin’ from the oven.8
Maple Leaf Foods - Dempster's logoMaple Leaf Foods - Dempster'sNourish yourself.2
Arby's logoArby'sNow that your tastes have grown up! 8
Irsh Dairy Board - Kerrygold logoIrsh Dairy Board - KerrygoldOne of life's pure pleasures.5
ConAgra Foods - Hunt's logoConAgra Foods - Hunt'sOnly the best tomatoes grow up to be Hunt's.9
Kraft - Grey Poupon logoKraft - Grey PouponPardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?8
C&H logoC&HPure cane sugar from Hawaii.5
Wendy's  logoWendy's Quality is our recipe.4
Quiznos logoQuiznosQuiznos sub. Mmmm… Toasty!4
Unilever - Good Humor logoUnilever - Good HumorReturn to the classics.4
Village Inn logoVillage InnSatisfying people's hunger for life's simple pleasures.7
Red Lobster logoRed LobsterShare the love.3
Nestlé - Gerber logoNestlé - GerberShouldn’t your baby be a Gerber baby?7
Hain Celestrial Group - Alba Dry Milk logoHain Celestrial Group - Alba Dry MilkSkim milk does not come from skinny cows.8
General Mills - Yoplait Yop drinking yogurt logoGeneral Mills - Yoplait Yop drinking yogurtSkip & jump.2
Beech-Nut logoBeech-NutSmall is big here.4
Kraft - Terry's Chocolate Orange logoKraft - Terry's Chocolate OrangeSmash it to pieces, love it to bits.8
General Mills - Cheerios logoGeneral Mills - CheeriosSmiles all round.3
Kellogg's - Rice Krispies logoKellogg's - Rice KrispiesSnap! Crackle! Pop! Rice Krispies.5
Pinnacle Foods - Duncan Hines logoPinnacle Foods - Duncan HinesSo rich. So moist. So very Duncan Hines.8
General Mills - Bisquick logoGeneral Mills - BisquickSomething good always comes of it.6
Campbell's - Chunky logoCampbell's - ChunkySoup That Eats Like a Meal. 7
Kellogg's - Smart Start logoKellogg's - Smart StartStart aging smart.3
Lea & Perrins - Worcestershire Sauce logoLea & Perrins - Worcestershire SauceSteak sauce only a cow could hate.7
ConAgra Foods - Egg Beaters logoConAgra Foods - Egg BeatersTaste the healthy side of eggs.6
Unilever - Breyers logoUnilever - BreyersTaste, not technology.3
Unilever - Breyers logoUnilever - BreyersTastes so good… Still good for you.7
Anchor Foods logoAnchor FoodsTastes the way nature intended.5
Danone - Actimel probiotic yogurt drink logoDanone - Actimel probiotic yogurt drinkThe Actimel challenge. Give it a go.7
Lea & Perrins - Worcestershire Sauce logoLea & Perrins - Worcestershire SauceThe burger booster.3
Arla - Cravendale logoArla - CravendaleThe cows want it back.5
Burger King logoBurger KingThe fire's ready.3
Schwan's - Freschetta logoSchwan's - FreschettaThe fresh taste sensation.4
Hershey's logoHershey'sThe great American chocolate bar.5
American Egg Board logoAmerican Egg BoardThe incredible, edible egg.4
Frito Lay - Cracker Jack logoFrito Lay - Cracker JackThe more you eat, the more you want.8
Penguin Point logoPenguin PointThe people pleasing place.4
Domino's logoDomino'sThe pizza delivery experts.4
ConAgra Foods logoConAgra FoodsThe right kind of food company.6
Kellogg's - Rice Krispies logoKellogg's - Rice KrispiesThe simpler the better.4
Dairygold logoDairygoldThe taste of dairy goodness.5
Subway logoSubwayThe way a sandwich should be.6
Lea & Perrins - Worcestershire Sauce logoLea & Perrins - Worcestershire SauceThe Worcester saucerer.3
KFC logoKFCThere's fast food, then there's KFC. 7
Kraft - Jell-O logoKraft - Jell-OThere’s always room for J-E-L-L-0.5
Kellogg's - Frosted Flakes logoKellogg's - Frosted FlakesThey’re g-r-r-r-eat!2
Taco Bell logoTaco BellThink outside the bun.4
Dunkin Donuts logoDunkin DonutsTime to make the doughnuts.5
Fonterra logoFonterraTip Top. Real ice creamier.5
Kellogg's - Keebler logoKellogg's - KeeblerUncommonly made, uncommonly good.4
ConAgra Foods - Hebrew National logoConAgra Foods - Hebrew NationalWe answer to a higher authority.6
KFC logoKFCWe do chicken right.4
Jack in the Box logoJack in the BoxWe don't make it until you order it.8
Blue Bell logoBlue BellWe eat all we can and sell the rest.9
McDonald's logoMcDonald'sWe love to see you smile.6
Denny’s logoDenny’sWe’re cooking now.3
Arby's logoArby'sWhat are you eating today?5
White Castle logoWhite CastleWhat you crave.3
McDonald's logoMcDonald'sWhat you want is what you get. 8
Nestlé - Peters Drumstick logoNestlé - Peters DrumstickWhat's a life without surprises?!5
Chicken of the Sea logoChicken of the SeaWhat’s the best tuna? Chicken of the Sea.8
Olive Garden logoOlive GardenWhen you're here, you're family.5
El Pollo Loco logoEl Pollo LocoWhen you’re crazy for chicken.5
Hardee's logoHardee'sWhere the food's the star.5
Wendy's  logoWendy's Where's the Beef?3
Hostess - Hostess Cakes logoHostess - Hostess CakesWhere’s the cream filling?4
Campbell's - Select logoCampbell's - SelectWhy settle when you can Select.6
H. J. Heinz Company - Ketchup  logoH. J. Heinz Company - Ketchup You can't eat without it. 6
McDonald's logoMcDonald'sYou deserve a break today.5
Taco Bell logoTaco BellYou quiero Taco Bell.4
Burger King logoBurger KingYou're the boss.3
Burger King logoBurger KingYour way, right away.4

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