Airline Slogans & Taglines

A collection of slogans & taglines from airline companies.

LogoNameSlogans & TaglinesWord Count
Southwest Airlines logoSouthwest AirlinesA symbol of freedom.4
Frontier Airlines logoFrontier AirlinesA whole different animal.4
Delta Airlines logoDelta AirlinesAirline of the South.4
Air New Zealand logoAir New ZealandBeing there is everything4
Pacific Southwest Airlines logoPacific Southwest AirlinesCatch our smile.3
Spirit Airlines logoSpirit AirlinesCatch the Spirit!3
Delta Airlines logoDelta AirlinesDelta gets you there. We’re ready to fly.8
Delta Airlines logoDelta AirlinesDelta is ready when you are.6
American Airlines  logoAmerican Airlines Doing What We Do Best.5
Ryanair logoRyanairFly cheaper.2
Virgin Atlantic logoVirgin AtlanticFly like a CEO, pay like a temp8
American Airlines logoAmerican AirlinesFly the american way.4
United Airlines logoUnited AirlinesFly the friendly skies4
United Airlines  logoUnited Airlines Fly the friendly skies of United.6
Austrian Airlines logoAustrian AirlinesFly with friends.3
Malaysia Airlines logoMalaysia AirlinesGoing beyond expectations3
Hawaiian Airlines logoHawaiian AirlinesHawaii Starts Here.3
Southwest Airlines logoSouthwest AirlinesHow do we love you? Let us count the ways . .10
National Airlines logoNational AirlinesIs this any way to run an airline? - You bet it is!”12
Pan American World Airways logoPan American World AirwaysIt pays to fly…4
Pan American World Airways logoPan American World AirwaysIt’s time to fly4
United Airlines  logoUnited Airlines Life is a journey, travel it well. 7
Global Jet Airlines logoGlobal Jet AirlinesLight is faster, but we are safer.7
Austrian Airlines logoAustrian AirlinesLike a smile in the sky.6
Pan American World Airways logoPan American World AirwaysLive today. Tomorrow will cost more.6
America West Airlines logoAmerica West AirlinesLower fares, fewer restrictions4
Air France logoAir FranceMaking the sky the best place on earth.8
Delta Airlines logoDelta AirlinesMuch more space3
Trans World Airlines logoTrans World AirlinesOne mission. Yours. 3
American Airlines logoAmerican AirlinesRest, keep warm and drink liquids.6
Singapore Airlines logoSingapore AirlinesSingapore girl, you’re a great way to fly.8
Northwest Airlines  logoNorthwest Airlines Some people just know how to fly.7
American Airlines logoAmerican AirlinesSomething special in the air.5
Southwest Airlines logoSouthwest AirlinesStop Searching. Start Traveling. 4
Southwest Airlines logoSouthwest AirlinesTHE Low Fare Airline.4
Ryanair logoRyanairThe Low Fares Airline.4
Austrian Airlines logoAustrian AirlinesThe most friendly airline.4
Continental Airlines logoContinental AirlinesThe proud bird with the golden tail7
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines logoKLM Royal Dutch AirlinesThe Reliable Airline3
British Airways logoBritish AirwaysThe way to fly.4
Alitalia logoAlitaliaThe wings of Italy.4
Eastern Airlines logoEastern AirlinesThe Wings of Man.4
Eva Air logoEva AirThe wings of Taiwan.4
British Airways  logoBritish Airways The world's favourite airline.4
Air New Zealand logoAir New ZealandThe world's warmest welcome.4
British Airways logoBritish AirwaysThe world’s favourite airline.4
Lufthansa logoLufthansaThere's no better way to fly.6
Trans World Airlines logoTrans World AirlinesThey have just one mission…yours.5
United Airlines logoUnited AirlinesTime to fly.3
British Airways  logoBritish Airways To fly. To serve. 4
Trans World Airlines logoTrans World AirlinesUp, up, and away.4
Virgin Atlantic logoVirgin AtlanticVirgin Atlantic, more experience than our name suggests8
Eastern Airlines logoEastern AirlinesWe have to earn our wings every day.8
American Airlines  logoAmerican Airlines We know why you fly. We're American Airlines. 8
Delta Airlines logoDelta AirlinesWe love to fly and it shows.7
Continental Airlines logoContinental AirlinesWe really move our tail for you7
Western Airlines logoWestern AirlinesWestern Airlines the only way to fly.7
British Airways logoBritish AirwaysWe’ll take more care of you6
National Airlines logoNational AirlinesWe’re National, the sunshine airline. Watch us shine.8
Braniff Airlines logoBraniff AirlinesWhen you’ve got it, flaunt it.6
Continental Airlines logoContinental AirlinesWork hard, fly right.4
Air Canada logoAir CanadaWorld class, worldwide.3
Southwest Airlines logoSouthwest AirlinesYou are now free to move about the country.9
JetBlue Airways logoJetBlue AirwaysYou'll Want to Fly Again!5
Delta Airlines logoDelta AirlinesYou’ll love the way we fly.6
Trans World Airlines logoTrans World AirlinesYou’re going to like us5

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