Logos Created with Helvetica

Developed in 1957 by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger together with Eduard Hoffmann, Helvetica is the most widely used sans-serif typeface in the world and you will see it dozens of times in your daily life, from company logos,  websites, to packaging, books, films and other items. There is even a documentary film directed by Gary Hustwit to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the typeface’s introduction. Below is a collection of Helvetica fonts used in wordmarks and logos of 100 notable companies and brands.

LogoNameFont Name
2k Games Logo2k GamesHelvetica Neue Black Extended Oblique
3M Logo3MHelvetica Black
A&E LogoA&EHelvetica Black
Accurist LogoAccuristHelvetica Bold
AccuWeather LogoAccuWeatherHelvetica Black
Adult Swim LogoAdult SwimHelvetica Neue Condensed Bold
Air Armenia LogoAir ArmeniaHelvetica Black
Airstream LogoAirstreamHelvetica Neue Black
Ambitious about Autism LogoAmbitious about AutismHelvetica Bold
American Airlines (1968) LogoAmerican Airlines (1968)Helvetica Bold
American Apparel LogoAmerican ApparelHelvetica Bold
American Diabetes Association LogoAmerican Diabetes AssociationHelvetica Bold
American League LogoAmerican LeagueHelvetica Bold
Angie's List LogoAngie's ListHelvetica 73 Ext Bold
Atomic Skis LogoAtomic SkisHelvetica Neue Ext Black Oblique
Australia Post LogoAustralia PostHelvetica Heavy
Azul Brazilian Airlines LogoAzul Brazilian AirlinesHelvetica Neue Heavy
BASF LogoBASFHelvetica Black
BBC Knowledge LogoBBC KnowledgeHelvetica Neue 85 Heavy
Beiersdorf LogoBeiersdorfHelvetica Neue Heavy
Bendix LogoBendixHelvetica Compressed
B&H Airlines LogoB&H AirlinesHelvetica Black Oblique
Biman Bangladesh Airlines LogoBiman Bangladesh AirlinesHelvetica Compressed Black Oblique
Birmingham City F.C. LogoBirmingham City F.C.Helvetica Neue Heavy Condensed
Blackburn Rovers F.C. LogoBlackburn Rovers F.C.Helvetica Bold
Boise Cascade LogoBoise CascadeHelvetica Bold
Broadcom LogoBroadcomHelvetica Black Oblique
Cable & Wireless Worldwide LogoCable & Wireless WorldwideHelvetica Neue Bold
CafePress LogoCafePressHelvetica Black
Canada Goose LogoCanada GooseHelvetica Bold
Cargill LogoCargillHelvetica Neue Cond Bold Oblique
Caterpillar LogoCaterpillarHelvetica Compressed
CBS LogoCBSHelvetica Bold
Chilean Football Federation LogoChilean Football FederationHelvetica Compressed
Close Brothers LogoClose BrothersHelvetica Neue Medium
Colombian Football Federation LogoColombian Football FederationHelvetica Compressed
Commonwealth Bank LogoCommonwealth BankHelvetica Neue 95 Black
Crate & Barrel LogoCrate & BarrelHelvetica Bold
Croatia Airlines LogoCroatia AirlinesHelvetica 45 Light
CVS Pharmacy LogoCVS PharmacyHelvetica Black
CyanogenMod LogoCyanogenModHelvetica Bold
Dollarama LogoDollaramaHelvetica Black
Encore (2005) LogoEncore (2005)Helvetica Neue Black
EPSON LogoEPSONHelvetica Neue 75 Bold
Fendi LogoFendiHelvetica Bold
Fulham F.C. LogoFulham F.C.Helvetica Roman
Great American Country (1995) LogoGreat American Country (1995)Helvetica Ultra Compressed
Hitachi LogoHitachiHelvetica 73 Bold Extended
Indiana Pacers (1990) LogoIndiana Pacers (1990)Helvetica Neue Cond Heavy Oblique
J.C. Penney LogoJ.C. PenneyHelvetica Neue 55 Roman
Jeep LogoJeepHelvetica Bold
Jetstar Airways LogoJetstar AirwaysHelvetica Neue Heavy
KeyBank LogoKeyBankHelvetica Neue Bold
Lexile LogoLexileHelvetica Black
LG LogoLGHelvetica Black
Littelfuse LogoLittelfuseHelvetica Compressed
Lufthansa LogoLufthansaHelvetica Black
Lush LogoLushHelvetica Cond Black Oblique
Microsoft (1987) LogoMicrosoft (1987)Helvetica Black Oblique
Motorola LogoMotorolaHelvetica Ext Black Oblique
MTN LogoMTNHelvetica Neue 96 Black Italic
National Grid LogoNational GridHelvetica Neue Bold, Light
National Museum of Australia LogoNational Museum of AustraliaHelvetica Bold
NBA LogoNBAHelvetica Condensed Black
Nestle LogoNestleHelvetica Rounded Bold
New Jersey Transit LogoNew Jersey TransitHelvetica Roman
Nextel Communications LogoNextel CommunicationsHelvetica Bold
Nottingham Forest F.C. LogoNottingham Forest F.C.Helvetica ExtraCompressed
Nuheat LogoNuheatHelvetica Roman
Panasonic LogoPanasonicHelvetica Black
Parmalat LogoParmalatHelvetica Neue 75 Bold
Petrobras LogoPetrobrasHelvetica Black Oblique
Philippine Airlines LogoPhilippine AirlinesHelvetica Bold Oblique
Real Canadian Superstore LogoReal Canadian SuperstoreHelvetica Black Oblique
Resolute Forest Products LogoResolute Forest ProductsHelvetica Bold
Rotary Watches LogoRotary WatchesHelvetica Bold
Sanlam LogoSanlamHelvetica Neue Bold
Sanyo LogoSanyoHelvetica Neue Black Italic
SBS Two LogoSBS TwoHelvetica Neue 35 Thin
Schlumberger LogoSchlumbergerHelvetica Ultra Compressed
Sears LogoSearsHelvetica Neue 35 Thin
Sheffield United F.C. LogoSheffield United F.C.Helvetica Narrow Bold
Sikorsky Aircraft LogoSikorsky AircraftHelvetica Condensed Black
SkyTeam LogoSkyTeamHelvetica Bold
Standard Chartered LogoStandard CharteredHelvetica Neue 55 Roman
Staples LogoStaplesHelvetica Bold
Subway LogoSubwayHelvetica Black
Suzuki LogoSuzukiHelvetica Neue Extended Black
Target LogoTargetHelvetica Bold
Tennis Channel LogoTennis ChannelHelvetica Neue Bold Condensed
Tetra Pak LogoTetra PakHelvetica Neue Bold
The Co-operative LogoThe Co-operativeHelvetica Neue 87 Cond Heavy
The North Face LogoThe North FaceHelvetica Bold
Tupperware LogoTupperwareHelvetica Neue Heavy
Ubet LogoUbetHelvetica Neue Black Italic
Verizon LogoVerizonHelvetica Black Oblique
WhatsApp LogoWhatsAppHelvetica Neue 75 Bold
World Trade Center LogoWorld Trade CenterHelvetica Ultra Compressed
Yonex LogoYonexSwiss 721 Bold Condensed
Yuasa Batteries LogoYuasa BatteriesHelvetica Neue Heavy

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