Beverage Slogans & Taglines

A collection of slogans & taglines from beverage companies and brands.

LogoNameSlogan & TaglineWord Count
Living Essentials - 5-Hour Energy logoLiving Essentials - 5-Hour Energy5 Hour Energy. Drink it in seconds. Feel it in minutes. Lasts for hours.14
Pepsi - 7-Up Lemonade logoPepsi - 7-Up LemonadeNow 100% natural.3
Nestle - Juicy Juice logoNestle - Juicy Juice100% juice for 100% kids.5
Unilever - Lipton Tea logoUnilever - Lipton Tea100% natural and 100% real tea.6
Pepsi - Tropicana logoPepsi - Tropicana100% pure squeezed sunshine.4
Carlsberg logoCarlsberg - Kronenbourg 16641664. A good year for beer.6
Heineken logoHeinekenA better beer deserves a better can.7
Carlsberg logoCarlsberg - Double DiamondA Double Diamond works wonders.5
Carlton & United - Victoria Bitter brand, Australia logoCarlton & United - Victoria BitterA hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer and the best cold beer is Vic. Victoria Bitter.18
Anheuser-Busch - Bass logoAnheuser-Busch - BassA little bit of better.5
Tchibo logoTchiboA new experience every week.5
Greene King - Greene King IPA logoGreene King - Greene King IPAA tasty change from the usual.6
Labatt - Labatt Blue logoLabatt - Labatt BlueA whole lot can happen, out of the Blue.9
Bavaria logoBavariaAnd now, for a Bavaria.5
Pepsi logoPepsiAny weather is Pepsi weather. (1950)5
Pepsi - Aquafina logoPepsi - AquafinaAquafina bottled water. Purity guaranteed5
Tchibo logoTchiboAwaken the senses.3
Unilever - Lipton Iced Tea logoUnilever - Lipton Iced TeaBe alive!2
Anheuser-Busch - Bud Light logoAnheuser-Busch - Bud LightBe yourself and make it a Bud Light.8
Spendrups - Norrlands Guld logoSpendrups - Norrlands GuldBe yourself for a while.5
Greene King - Greene King IPA logoGreene King - Greene King IPABeer to dine for.4
Carlsberg logoCarlsberg - TuborgBeer yourself.2
Pepsi - AMP logoPepsi - AMPBefore every moment, there is a moment.7
Diageo - Guinness logoDiageo - GuinnessBelieve.1
MillerCoors - Coors logoMillerCoors - CoorsBrewed with pure rocky mountain spring water.7
Heineken - Amstel logoHeineken - AmstelCelebrate football.2
Coca-Cola logoCoca-ColaCoca-Cola refreshes you best.4
Coca-Cola logoCoca-ColaCoke is it!3
Pepsi logoPepsiCome alive! Youre in the Pepsi generation.7
Nestle - Nestea Cool logoNestle - Nestea CoolCool to the core.4
Groupo Modelo - Corona logoGroupo Modelo - CoronaCorona. Miles away from ordinary5
Coca-Cola - Diet Coke logoCoca-Cola - Diet CokeCreate your own Diet Coke break.6
Coca-Cola - Dasani logoCoca-Cola - DasaniDASANI water. Cant live without it.6
Pepsi - Mountain Dew logoPepsi - Mountain DewDo the Dew.3
Coca-Cola - Fanta logoCoca-Cola - FantaDrink Fanta, stay bamboocha.4
Sleeman - Sapporo logoSleeman - SapporoDrink in the world.4
Campbells - V-8 logoCampbells - V-8Drink smarter.2
Campbells - V-8 logoCampbells - V-8Drink your vegetables.3
MillerCoors - Miller Lite logoMillerCoors - Miller LiteEverything you always wanted in a beer. And less.9
Pepsi - Tropicana logoPepsi - TropicanaFeel pure good. Everyday.4
Coca-Cola - Burn logoCoca-Cola - BurnFire to drink.3
Kraft - Maxwell House logoKraft - Maxwell HouseFlavor bud flavor.3
Anheuser-Busch - Budweiser logoAnheuser-Busch - BudweiserFor all you do, this Buds for you.8
Bacardi - Martini & Rossi logoBacardi - Martini & RossiFor people who share a taste for excitement.8
Lion Nathan - Tooheys logoLion Nathan - TooheysFor the love of beer.5
Pepsi logoPepsifor those who think young.5
Anheuser-Busch - Bud Light logoAnheuser-Busch - Bud LightFresh. Smooth. Real. Its all here.6
Cafe Britt logoCafe BrittFrom our plantation to your cup!6
MillerCoors - Hamms Beer logoMillerCoors - Hamms BeerFrom the land of sky-blue waters.6
Anheuser-Busch - St. Pauli Girl logoAnheuser-Busch - St. Pauli GirlGermanys fun-loving beer.3
Staropramen logoStaropramenGet a taste of Prague.5
Tchibo logoTchiboGive the best.3
MillerCoors - Miller Lite logoMillerCoors - Miller LiteGood call.2
Labatt logoLabattGood things brewing.3
Diageo - Guinness logoDiageo - GuinnessGood things come to those who wait.7
Kraft - Maxwell House logoKraft - Maxwell HouseGood to the last drop!5
Brau - Paulaner logoBrau - PaulanerGood, better, Paulaner.3
The Wine Group - Almaden Vineyards logoThe Wine Group - Almaden VineyardsGrapes, like children, need love and affection. (1957)7
Diageo - Guinness logoDiageo - GuinnessGuinness is good for you.5
Diageo - Guinness logoDiageo - GuinnessGuinness refreshes your spirit.4
Diageo - Guinness logoDiageo - GuinnessGuinnless isnt good for you.5
Coca-Cola logoCoca-ColaHave a coke and smile.5
Pepsi - AMP logoPepsi - AMPHave the life you want.5
Heineken logoHeinekenHeineken refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach.8
Asgaard - Lowenbrau logoAsgaard - LowenbrauHeres to good friends...Tonight, tonight, let it be Lowenbrau.10
Dr Pepper Snapple Group - Hawaiian Punch logoDr Pepper Snapple Group - Hawaiian PunchHey! How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?7
Lion Nathan - Tooheys logoLion Nathan - TooheysHow do you feel? I feel like a Tooheys.9
Heineken logoHeinekenHow refreshing! How Heineken!4
Campbells - V-8 logoCampbells - V-8I coulda had V-8!4
Coca-Cola logoCoca-ColaId like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony...11
Labatt - Labatt Blue logoLabatt - Labatt BlueIf I wanted water, I would have asked for water.10
Pepsi - Tropicana logoPepsi - TropicanaIf it tasted any fresher it would still be on the tree.12
Diageo - Johnnie Walker logoDiageo - Johnnie WalkerIf you want to impress someone, put him on your black list.12
MillerCoors - Miller logoMillerCoors - MillerIf youve got the time, weve got the beer. Miller Beer.11
Dr Pepper Snapple Group - Dr Pepper logoDr Pepper Snapple Group - Dr PepperIm a pepper, hes a pepper, shes a pepper...9
Carlsberg logoCarlsberg - Double DiamondIm only here for the beer.6
Cacique - Cafe Pele logoCacique - Cafe PeleImagine Brazil.2
Pepsi - Gatorade logoPepsi - GatoradeIs it in you?4
Chivas Brothers - Chivas Regal logoChivas Brothers - Chivas RegalIsnt that a lot for a bottle of scotch?9
Pabst - Old Milwaukee logoPabst - Old MilwaukeeIt doesnt get any better than this!7
Red Bull logoRed BullIt gives you wings.4
Campbells - V-8 logoCampbells - V-8It might just make you feel better.7
Coca-Cola logoCoca-ColaIt satisfies thirst (1919)4
MillerCoors - Miller Lite logoMillerCoors - Miller LiteIt wont slow you down.5
Anheuser-Busch - Boddingtons logoAnheuser-Busch - BoddingtonsIts a bit gorgeous.4
Heineken logoHeinekenIts all about the beer.5
Diageo - Guinness logoDiageo - GuinnessIts got to be Guinness.5
MillerCoors - Miller logoMillerCoors - MillerIts Miller time! (2012)3
Pepsi - Sierra Mist logoPepsi - Sierra MistIts that refreshing.3
Coca-Cola logoCoca-ColaIts the real thing.4
Folgers logoFolgersIts uncanny.2
Wells & Young - Courage logoWells & Young - CourageIts what your right arms for.6
Heineken - John Smiths Bitter logoHeineken - John Smiths BitterJohn Smiths. No nonsense.4
Coca-Cola - Diet Coke logoCoca-Cola - Diet CokeJust for the fun of it, Diet Coke.8
Coca-Cola - Diet Coke logoCoca-Cola - Diet CokeJust for the taste of it, Diet Coke.8
Diageo - Johnnie Walker logoDiageo - Johnnie WalkerKeep walking.2
Labatt - Kokanee Glacier logoLabatt - Kokanee GlacierKokanee. Straight from the Kootenays.5
Heineken logoHeinekenLager beer at its best.5
Heineken - Dos Equis logoHeineken - Dos EquisLet your tastes travel.4
Anheuser-Busch - Becks logoAnheuser-Busch - BecksLife beckons.2
Anheuser-Busch - Becks logoAnheuser-Busch - BecksLife beckons. Choose wisely.4
Pepsi - Gatorade logoPepsi - GatoradeLifes a sport. Drink it up.6
Coca-Cola - Diet Coke logoCoca-Cola - Diet CokeLight it up!3
Coca-Cola - Minute Maid Light logoCoca-Cola - Minute Maid LightLight on calories. Loaded with taste.6
Unilever - Lipton Tea logoUnilever - Lipton TeaLiptons gets into more hot water than anything.8
Anheuser-Busch - Michelob Ultra logoAnheuser-Busch - Michelob UltraLose the carbs. Not the taste.6
InBev - Mackeson logoInBev - MackesonMackeson beer. It looks good, it tastes good, and by golly it does you good.15
Dr Pepper Snapple Group - Snapple logoDr Pepper Snapple Group - SnappleMade from the best stuff on Earth.7
Pepsi - Aquafina logoPepsi - AquafinaMake your body happy. Drink more water.7
Pepsi - Pepsi Max logoPepsi - Pepsi MaxMax your life.3
Anheuser-Busch - Michelob AmberBock logoAnheuser-Busch - Michelob AmberBockMichelob AmberBock. Rich and smooth.5
Pepsi - AMP logoPepsi - AMPMmmm. Energy.2
Pepsi logoPepsiMore bounce to the ounce. (1950)5
Folgers logoFolgersMountain grown.2
Nestle - Nescafe Instant Coffee logoNestle - Nescafe Instant CoffeeNescafe. Open up.3
MillerCoors - Miller logoMillerCoors - MillerNo matter what whats-his-name says, Im the prettiest and Lites the greatest.12
Pepsi - Aquafina logoPepsi - AquafinaNothing but pure refreshment.4
Carlton & United - Carlton Cold logoCarlton & United - Carlton ColdNothings as fresh as a coldie.6
Sleeman logoSleemanNotoriously good since 1834.4
Diageo - Guinness logoDiageo - GuinnessNow enjoy Guinness anywhere.4
Coca-Cola - Sprite logoCoca-Cola - SpriteObey your thirst.3
Ocean Spray logoOcean SprayOcean Spray. Crave the wave.5
Pabst - Old Milwaukee logoPabst - Old MilwaukeeOld Milwaukee. Taste as great as its name.8
Nestle - Nescafe logoNestle - NescafeOne thing leads to another.5
Coca-Cola logoCoca-ColaOpen Happiness.2
Pepsi - Tropicana logoPepsi - TropicanaOrange juice direct from oranges, not from concentrate.8
Heineken - Amstel logoHeineken - AmstelOur beer.2
Diageo - Guinness logoDiageo - GuinnessOut of the darkness comes light.6
Pepsi logoPepsiPepsi-Cola hits the spot.4
Pepsi logoPepsiPepsis got your taste for life. (1981)6
Carlsberg logoCarlsbergProbably the best beer in the world.7
Labatt - Kokanee Gold logoLabatt - Kokanee GoldPure Gold. From the heart of the Kootenays8
Anheuser-Busch - St. Pauli Girl logoAnheuser-Busch - St. Pauli GirlPut her on a pedestal, or a coaster.8
Anheuser-Busch - Bass logoAnheuser-Busch - BassReach for greatness.3
Unilever - Lipton Iced Tea logoUnilever - Lipton Iced TeaReal tea leaves & antioxidants.5
Anheuser-Busch - Stella Artois logoAnheuser-Busch - Stella ArtoisReassuringly expensive.2
Nestle - Boost logoNestle - BoostRefresh yourself.2
Anheuser-Busch - Rolling Rock logoAnheuser-Busch - Rolling RockRolling rock. Free flowing.4
Pepsi - Diet Pepsi logoPepsi - Diet PepsiSame time tomorrow?3
The Boston Beer Company - Samuel Adams logoThe Boston Beer Company - Samuel AdamsSamuel Adams. Americas world class beer.6
Pepsi logoPepsiSay Pepsi, please. (1957)3
Dr Pepper Snapple Group - Schweppes logoDr Pepper Snapple Group - SchweppesSchhh! You know who?4
Diageo - J&B logoDiageo - J&BScotch and the single girl.5
Sleeman - Sapporo logoSleeman - SapporoSenses never forget.3
Carlsberg logoCarlsberg - Kronenbourg 1664Sit. Savour. 1664.3
Diageo - Smirnoff Ice logoDiageo - Smirnoff IceSmirnoff Ice. Intelligent nightlife.4
Starbucks - Frappuccino logoStarbucks - FrappuccinoSmooth out your day, everyday.5
Pepsi - Aquafina logoPepsi - AquafinaSo pure, we promise nothing.5
Green King - Abbot Ale logoGreen King - Abbot AleSome things get better given longer.6
Heineken - Dos Equis logoHeineken - Dos EquisSooner or later youll get it.6
Pepsi - Tropicana logoPepsi - TropicanaSpecially made for healthy bodies, healthy lives, healthy kids.9
Coca-Cola - Powerade logoCoca-Cola - PoweradeSport is what you make it.6
MillerCoors - Carling logoMillerCoors - CarlingSpot On.2
Starbucks - DoubleShot logoStarbucks - DoubleShotStarbucks DoubleShot. Bring on the day6
Starbucks - Frappuccino logoStarbucks - FrappuccinoStarbucks Frappuccino. Work can wait.5
Nestle - Nescafe logoNestle - NescafeStart the day with great taste.6
Carlton & United logoCarlton & UnitedStay a little longer.4
Pepsi logoPepsiSummer time is Pepsi time. (2011)5
Kraft - Maxwell House logoKraft - Maxwell HouseTaste as good as it smells.6
Heineken - Amstel logoHeineken - AmstelTaste life. Pure filtered.4
MillerCoors - Miller Lite logoMillerCoors - Miller LiteTastes great, less filling.4
Unilever - Lipton Tea logoUnilever - Lipton TeaTea can do that.4
E & J Gallo - Bartles & Jaymes logoE & J Gallo - Bartles & JaymesThank you for your support.5
A&W logoA&WThat frosty mug sensation.4
Amstel Brewery - Amstel Light logoAmstel Brewery - Amstel LightThe beer drinkers light beer.5
Bad Frog Beer logoBad Frog BeerThe beer so good its bad.6
Coca-Cola logoCoca-ColaThe best friend thirst ever had. (1939)7
Folgers logoFolgersThe best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.11
Saxbys - Stone Ginger logoSaxbys - Stone GingerThe big ginger bite!4
MillerCoors - High Life logoMillerCoors - High LifeThe champagne of bottled beers.5
Pepsi logoPepsiThe choice of a new generation.6
MillerCoors - Coors Light logoMillerCoors - Coors LightThe coldest tasting beer in the world.7
Anheuser-Busch - Budweiser logoAnheuser-Busch - BudweiserThe genuine article.3
Merrydown - Shloer logoMerrydown - ShloerThe grown-up soft drink.4
Anheuser-Busch - Budweiser logoAnheuser-Busch - BudweiserThe king of beers.4
Diageo - Guinness logoDiageo - GuinnessThe most natural thing in the world.7
Heineken - Newcastle Brown Ale logoHeineken - Newcastle Brown AleThe one and only.4
Anheuser-Busch - St. Pauli Girl logoAnheuser-Busch - St. Pauli GirlThe original party girl.4
Heineken - Newcastle Brown Ale logoHeineken - Newcastle Brown AleThe other side of dark.5
Coca-Cola logoCoca-ColaThe pause that refreshes.4
Pepsi - Diet Pepsi logoPepsi - Diet PepsiThe right one. (1989)3
MillerCoors - Coors logoMillerCoors - CoorsThe silver bullet.3
Pepsi - Diet Pepsi logoPepsi - Diet PepsiThe taste thats generations ahead. (1988)5
Pepsi - 7-Up logoPepsi - 7-UpThe uncola.2
Nestle - Juicy Juice logoNestle - Juicy JuiceThe very best juice for the very best kids.9
Coca-Cola logoCoca-ColaTheres a delicious freshness to the taste of Coca-Cola. (1971)10
Ocean Spray - Cranberry Juice logoOcean Spray - Cranberry JuiceTheres definitely something in it.5
Coca-Cola logoCoca-ColaThings go better with Coke.5
Coca-Cola logoCoca-ColaThirst and taste for Coca-Cola are the same thing. (1926)10
Coca-Cola logoCoca-ColaThirst reminds you. Drink Coca-Cola (1926)6
Coca-Cola logoCoca-ColaThirst stops here. (1939)4
MillerCoors - Coors Light logoMillerCoors - Coors LightThis is our beer.4
Coca-Cola - Dasani logoCoca-Cola - DasaniTreat yourself well. Everyday.4
Pepsi - Tropicana logoPepsi - TropicanaTropicana. Straight from the fruit.5
Pepsi - Tropicana logoPepsi - TropicanaTropicanas got the taste that shows on your face.9
Anheuser-Busch - Budweiser logoAnheuser-Busch - BudweiserTrue.1
MillerCoors - Coors logoMillerCoors - CoorsTurn it loose!3
Coca-Cola logoCoca-ColaTwist the cap to refreshment.5
Anheuser-Busch - Becks logoAnheuser-Busch - BecksUnmistakable German craftsmanship.3
Campbells - V-8 logoCampbells - V-8Veggie juice thats full of "vrooom"6
Red Bull logoRed BullVitalizes body and mind.4
Tata Coffee - Eight OClock logoTata Coffee - Eight OClockWake up. Its Eight OClock5
Anheuser-Busch - Budweiser logoAnheuser-Busch - BudweiserWassup?!1
Unilever - Lipton Tea logoUnilever - Lipton TeaWe can do that.4
The Wine Group - Paul Masson logoThe Wine Group - Paul MassonWe will sell no wine before its time.8
Coca-Cola logoCoca-ColaWeve got a taste for you.6
Anheuser-Busch - Budweiser logoAnheuser-Busch - BudweiserWhen you say Budweiser, youve said it all.8
Anheuser-Busch - Budweiser logoAnheuser-Busch - BudweiserWhere theres life, theres Bud.5
Green King - Abbot Ale logoGreen King - Abbot AleWould you say no to another?6
Pepsi - Diet Mountain Dew logoPepsi - Diet Mountain DewYeah, it tastes that good.5
Bacardi logoBacardiYou know when its Bacardi.5
Anheuser-Busch - St. Pauli Girl logoAnheuser-Busch - St. Pauli GirlYou never forget your first girl.6
Nestle - Nescafe Blend 43 logoNestle - Nescafe Blend 43Your cup of inspiration.4

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